Apex Studio

The Magic Cheese

My first mini-game made in Unity 3D

Project Breakdown

Step 01 – Art

After I make my decision to continue with the flat style I moved on to the next art – the enemy.

Creat the Level design assets



Step 02 – Animation

My first try is to animate the player charter in After Effect and make a Sprite Atlas image for the animation in Unity.

I realized it makes the game slower and drops down the app performance.
My second thought was to smallest the sprite and make fewer frames per second, and it looks ok but not the perfect solution.
Lest thig I try to rig the character in Unity, it’s was the perfect solution for performance and free choice to the running device on the FPS!

Step 03 – Level Design and Building

Step 04 – VFX Build
Using Unity Particles System

Step 05 – UI

The next step will be coming soon – The WebGL!


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